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How To Read Automotive Wiring Diagram - automotive wiring has been standardized over the decades and most cars will have color coded wiring for lighting radio ignition and secondary systems this color coding makes it easier for the layman to quickly repair most automobile wiring issues you can learn to understand the wiring diagrams by following some basic principles how to read automotive wiring diagram the ladder diagram is the diagram of choice for troubleshooting the first step in learning how to read any electrical wiring diagram is to learn what physical ponents the various symbols represent so its easy to pare them with whats already in the car and with the factory wiring diagram found in the assembly manual how to read an automotive block wiring diagram the trainer video series second must have is petence in a variety of electrical testing techniques starting with the understanding of what your digital multimeter dmm can.
and can t do you should know how to perform a static resistance test static voltage test dynamic current tests reading wiring diagrams and understanding electrical symbols very quickly this simple diagram would turn into a great big mess so to simplify this your power wires in this case l1 and n run vertically down the page then circuits off of it such as our switch light run horizontally on rungs automotive wiring basic symbols mon symbols for automotive diagrams automotive electrical diagrams provide symbols that represent circuit ponent functions for ex le a few basic symbols mon to electrical schematics are shown how to read automotive wiring diagrams and schematics there are a lot of things to consider when looking at automotive wiring diagrams or electrical schematics i will start with the absolute basics the top of the wiring diagram usually indicates where the power is ing from.
for the specific ponent every day in every auto repair forum i see people ask for a car wiring diagram it s really an impossible request it shows the poster doesn t understand how car makers design their wiring diagrams and they assume that the wiring diagrams are the same for each engine in that model year
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